7 Secrets to Emotional Freedom

Single Dad Success after Heartache
Where Compassion and Consciousness Meet Creativity
Supporting your children's emotional wellbeing when you're struggling to deal with your own painful emotions after heartache can be tough. 

What's the solution? 

The 7 Secrets to Emotional Freedom will help you find your path back to calm, compassion, consciousness and creativity. 

If you're a single dad drowning under waves of grief, anger and sadness after divorce, separation or bereavement, then these 7 secrets will help get you back to a place of calm, clarity and confidence. Single Dad Success awaits!
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"When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change."
~ Wayne Dyer ~
How You Deal With Emotional Pain Is As Important As How You Deal With Physical Pain!
 We all know a broken leg requires immediate attention to ensure it heals properly. Ignoring it is likely to create more pain, infection or even disability.

A broken heart is no different. The sooner you deal with it, the quicker you will heal and feel better. No more waves of sadness, loneliness or hopelessness! No more chaos, confusion and despair. Can you imagine it? 

Feeling calm and confident again, ready to be the awesome dad you really want to be. The kind of father your children need you to be! Ready to start your journey back to you? 

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Hi, My name is Sandra Owen, 

I'm a Life Transformation Coach for Single Fathers and founder of the '7 Secrets to Emotional Freedom.'

My clients are single fathers who want to move forward after separation, divorce or bereavement and be the best dad they can be. Who want to create precious memories with their kids while supporting their emotional health. It is easy and fun when you know how.

I work with single fathers who want support transitioning from the life they thought they had to the one they are now living. Who want to be a positive role model to their children and create a positive ripple effect within their family, personal and business relationships. 

I will support you through the turbulent waters of emotional pain to a place of calm and tranquility within.

You found your way to this page for a reason. Trust the process and follow the guidance of your heart.
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With Best Wishes,

Sandra x
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